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Joseph Waweru Home School
2012 - Still in Progress
Another High School Graduate!

New children - many being sponsored in school and HOME for the holidays

New manager - new cook. Great Team!

Mickey on the road - Mini in the garage.



2011 began dry and dusty but that didn’t dampen the spirit of the boys returning to school.

Young Iman, a bit cheeky, salutes when told to tuck in that shirt and pull up those socks. 

Expanding Opportunities provides food, shelter, clothing, education, medical, and parental care in a Home environment. Some of the boys have sponsors.



Two of our boys completed the KCSE and were anxiously awaiting their results and the graduation ceremony, which followed.



Visitors always add a cultural flavor including Jiko fired pizza


The government of Kenya encourages location of, connection  and placement with extended family if possible.


Three of our boys were reunited with their extended families. Their beds remained open for the remainder of the year, on hold  if the placement did not work out.  At the beginningof 2011, these reunited boys were still with their extended families.


This paves the way in 2012 for the addition of new children to the Home.

 Study time is important at JWHS.  Many of the children have had severely interrupted education. It is difficult for them to catch up. But we work hard to give themwhat they need to succeed.


In addition to academics, the boys learn how to care for themselves and t heir home environment.  They work in the gardens and care for the animals. Here in March, they are planting bananas. By November, they had transformed into a small banana forest almost ready to produce. This participation gives them a reward for their labor and pride and ownership in their Home environment.







Obtaining water is an everlasting issue.  On “our side of the crater”, water is difficult to obtain but most often rain is provided twice year in abundance. JWHS had built two cisterns to store this abundance.  One more was finished in 2011. The kitchen cistern to provide water for the Home also has a separate storage tank with water for the community.   LET IT RAIN!


Luke Stone, a volunteer in the organization since its inception, arrived to care for the vehicles.  After negotiating the repairs for the Mickey, the van, he turned his attention to Mini. Mini should be on the road again in 2012.

2009 and 2010

2009, brought many changes to the Joseph Waweru HomeSchool  - the year ending with our older boys in Boarding School, NEW STAFF and a vehicle!!  2010 started off with two new Dairy Goats and chickens!

No more than 16 boys can be in residence at any one time at our current capacity.  It is hard to believe that in 2010 we had 7 boys enrolled in High School!  They do grow up and FAST!  At the end of 2010, two of our boys completed their KCSE examination  - high  school graduation!  The results are not out until early 2011. Another finished his KCPE, eighth grade completion.

These are great landmarks for the children and staff.

A picture speaks a thousand words.  So here are FIVE thousand wonderful happy words!

Young ones and tweens
 2010 JWHs Commons
2010: The JWHs Commons building which houses the kitchen and dining
 JWHS Family home 2010
2010 JWHS Family Home

12 of the 16 boys with staff and visitor in front of Mickey the van.

2003- 2008
In 2003, Expanding Opportunities (EO) advanced the goals of its street children fund by beginning construction of the Joseph Waweru Home School--a home for street boys. The home school now houses eight boys, ranging in age from two to twenty two, who don't have relatives capable of taking care of them.
Phase One of the Joseph Waweru Home School complete
Watch the History of the Joseph Waweru Home School

The home school's compound has been developed substantially since construction started in 2003. It now includes a main house, which houses volunteers and employees, a dorm block, in which the street boys live, and a commons building, which is still under construction.

The home school's African coordinators are Pastor Joseph Waweru and his wife, Mama Mwangi. The couple live just a short walk away from the compound. Since the home school began, Pastor and Mama graciously offered their house as a place to cook meals for the boys, as well as employees and volunteers while the kitchen was being built. Now, in 2008, the commons building, which contains a kitchen and a dining room, is completed enough so that Mama Mwangi can cook for the boys on the home school's compound and all can sit down for a dinner together!

The Commons Building (still under construction, Jan 2006)The Commons Building Under Construction
The Commons, family home, garden and John, 2007

Expanding Opportunities has staff who live and work at the home school, as well as EO's other projects. The home school's development is also aided by North American volunteers who participate in service journeys to the home school.

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